Breadcrumbs and Its Benefits in SEO – IosAndWeb Technologies

Breadcrumbs are nothing just a path text which shows the location on the website where you are. They are a very crucial component of the website which tells the visitors their path on the website. Breadcrumbs are little navigation aids that are specially generated for navigation on the website. This also plays a role in helping Google work with how your site is structured. These navigational aids are clickable on the website which helps in making the easy ways and makes the access easy on the website. Breadcrumbs contain great significance in SEO services. Let’s discuss its benefits in SEO: 


Breadcrumbs give plenty of benefits in SEO but here we have just shortlisted a few. 

  • Lower the bounce rate

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of the visitors viewing the page of the website and moves away from the page after seeing it. Nowadays due to the efforts of developers and marketers, every search became organic and you can directly search it on Google and enter into any page of the website. It is not compulsory to enter the homepage of the website. Searchers can search for any of the services on Google and the result page will show the specific services pages in the results. This way any page could be the entry page. Therefore breadcrumbs help in decreasing the bounce rate of the website by allowing visitors to enter into their website from any page. 

  • Boosts User Experience 

Breadcrumbs also help in boosting the user experience of the website. If any website provides navigation aids to the visitors then that website will be considered as the best website. Breadcrumbs don’t take much but you can achieve success by making your visitors happy by showing them the path on your website. It will enhance the overall user experience and also boosts access to your website. Visitors need not use the back button on the website. 

  • Google loves breadcrumbs 

Breadcrumbs are very beneficial for Google because as it helps the visitors in finding the path, it also helps Google in finding the relevant information about your website. Google gets help in structure your site with the breadcrumbs. Google also used breadcrumbs in the search results to add value to your search. 

Why use the breadcrumbs?

Who likes to get lost? People will get lost on your website and will not find their way on your website if you don’t use breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are the best way to show the path to the visitors of the website and enhance the user experience. Breadcrumbs are nothing but the links that provide guidance to the users to check their paths on the website. They will surely increase your website traffic and visibility on the internet. Adding breadcrumbs to the website will also decrease the bounce rate of your website.

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