How to create a cost estimate for a software project? – IosAndWeb Technology

Calculating the total cost of software development is a bit difficult, especially when you don’t have any little knowledge about cost estimation. In any project deployment, the cost estimation is considered as the most difficult task. An adequate cost estimation leads to the success of the project. Before planning the project the initial thing that is to be planned is cost estimation. Where to allocate the resources, associated costs, and approved timeline. 


While hiring any software development company clients spend huge amounts of money and they want justification for every single penny they have spent. So here we will tell you some of the tips to create a cost estimation.   

Components of Estimating Costs

The overall expenses of the project do not spend directly, these are spent on different levels.

    • Direct costs: These costs include the direct deployment of resources, products used in the development, wages to the employees and other expenses. Direct expenses can’t be negotiated, we’ve to pay these costs. Any money that you’ve spent on buying any physical resources or outsourcing some phase of development can be put under direct costs. 
    • Indirect costs: These costs will only be considered when software developers spend on the different levels of the project. In this, you can include expenses related to management, security, and utilities. Sometimes indirect costs occur when clients make changes while development or testing period of the software.

Know the Expectations of the client

Before working out on any project you should know the expectations of the client and find that what your client actually needs. While working on the project you must give all the details to the client on every stage so if you aren’t working as per the requirements the client will make the necessary alterations. You can estimate the total cost of the project by knowing the client’s requirements. You should not start working on any project without knowing the final product that your client needs. Mostly while hiring any software development company clients to provide all the detailed information regarding their needs and requirements in a document file. If your case is not the same, then you must contact your client’s manager or coordinate to handle the product designing. 

Emphasize the client’s budget

Clients do not provide any knowledge about their budget but software developers need to figure out how much they are going to invest in the project. The reason behind not sharing the actual budget did the fear of getting charged more than actual. From a survey, it has been found that 35% of the companies charge extra bucks when they get to know the overall budget of the company. 

Make an out of scope action

You need not get upset if you are not getting any knowledge about the budget of the client, set your estimation regarding the use of resources, employees and other things. Set all these things in a budget and spare some money as a reserve for the indirect expenses. The main aim is to make a client-friendly cost estimation where your client gets convinced and satisfied with your services. 


  • Checklist to follow for a great cost estimate


There are several factors that can make your cost estimation undeniably reliable. Depict the scalability and consistency of your estimation with these factors: 

  • Self-Reliance
  • Credibility
  • Documentation
  • Precision
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost verification

If you are preparing a cost estimation for the first time then you must through with all the above-given aspects. IosAndWeb Technologies experts have found these factors after researching over the internet. 

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