What’s The Difference Between White Hat, Black Hat, And Gray Hat SEO? – IosAndWeb

The white hat and black hat phrase originated from Western films. In those films, it was an easy way to analyze between the hero and the villain. The black hats were usually worn by the villains and the hero used to wear white hats. 

This philosophy has been not only used in films but also in various other industries. Both hats distinguish between ethical and unethical activities. From this terminology, the SEO industry also gets influenced and used it in SEO activities. 


Black and White Hat SEO

Before using SEO techniques, you must be familiar with both terms which will help you in deciding the one you should go for. White hat, its name is describing itself. In this SEO experts only perform ethical SEO services. All the activities get performed with a set of rules and follow all the algorithms prescribed by the search engines. 

In the case of black hat SEO, the SEO activities get done by using some unethical and risky practices that are not allowed by the search engines. The black hat tactics do not work for the long term and give results. Using black hat SEO techniques will affect your website in certain ways and can result in other dangerous consequences. 

What are Bad and Good Practices?

To perform SEO activities, there are few rules that are given by the search engines to the SEO experts. Because search engines have to work under various conditions and only they can decide what they need to do to be featured. The search engines have their own algorithms that are used by SEO experts as the rules for performing SEO services. SEO experts have been using and following these algorithms for years. Search engines make little changes in their algorithms after some time and the experts have to work according to that. This was done to avoid malicious hackers and other manipulative tactics to get better search results. 

Gray Hat SEO

There are very few people who know about the activities of Gray Hat SEO experts. As Gray is a mixture of black and white, the same terminology is followed by the Gray hat SEO experts. They use both white and black hat SEO by combining them. By following some ethical tactics under the rules of the search engines and by adding some shortcut techniques, Gray hat SEO experts bring results. The Gray hat SEO does not come under the category of completely ethical and unethical. 

Using black hat SEO techniques is not illegal, it is just not according to the search engine algorithms. You will not directly get penalized for using Gray hat SEO techniques up to some extent. 

After getting the information about white, black, and gray hat SEO, it would become easy for you to opt-out of them. If you really want to achieve a high ranking on the search engines and get long term results then you must go for IosAndWeb Technologies for getting white and gray hat SEO services. They will guide you with all ethical and unethical SEO activities so that you can avoid black hat SEO strategies. At IosAndWeb Technologies the white hat SEO experts will deliver you their services at different prices.

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