How to Secure Your Online Business – IosAndWeb Technologies

Keeping any online account or business secure became necessary due to the increasing number of scams and frauds. Everyone knows that online businesses earn huge profits but they also contain an abundance of risks. With this blog, we’ll tell you how to secure online business. Before starting any business online, you must make your internet secure. All the necessary precautions about the security from the hackers of the online accounts must be taken. 

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Why do you need to secure your online business?

There is no doubt about the benefits of online business but with profitability, it is risky too. The Internet has all the information of your online business and hackers take only seconds to damage everything. So it is highly recommended before starting an online business to make it secure from viruses and hackers. With the damage of the online business, all the customers that are linked with your business will also get affected. That’s making it secure is the priority. 

How to Secure Your Online Business?

Plenty of precautionary methods are available to make your online business secure from hackers and viruses. You just need to follow them with the order and make your business secure. 

  • Set Online Business

Setting up an online business is not an easy task and maintaining it is also very challenging. Follow the various steps to set up your online business carefully.

  • Buy Your Domain name.
  • Check your company’s registration 
  • Secure your business intellectual property 
  • Hire a qualified website designer and get a site code. 
  • Make Regular Updates

Making regular updates to the settings of the account will create barriers for the hackers in damaging your account. Change the passwords, account names or other account settings after a certain period of time to protect your account. Hackers are very intelligent and smart so you need to be extra careful while setting up your online business. 

  • Install Antivirus Software

Hackers are not the only enemies, viruses are too. Any virus in your system can damage every single detail of your online business and leave you with nil. Install antivirus software in your system to protect your hard work and personal data from the spams. Having antivirus software in your system is mandatory. 

  • Install Encryption Software

With the encryption software, all the financial information about your customers will get protected. You will also get to secure your business’s personal information, internal information, customer’s information, product information, and every sensitive information. 

  • Limited access to Information 

You should not give full access to your customers, provide them the required information. Giving access information to the customers can lead to harm to the business. 

  • Hyperlinks

Make sure your business hyperlinks take users to the required website. 
Setting up an e-commerce platform is a great idea but before executing your idea be familiar with the security measures of online business. There are many other ways of securing the online business except the above written. If you don’t know anything about technology then hire an agency that will provide you e-commerce development services and maintain your online business.

Benefits Of Android App Development For Business – IosAndWeb Technologies

The majority of the smartphone’s share is controlled by Android. The users of smartphones are increasing year by year and Google play store is getting flooded with the apps. Now businesses are understanding the power of android apps to promote and advance their business. The Android Software got updated from time to time and brings exclusive features for the business apps and improvises the security issues. 


Why are businesses going towards android app development services?

  • An increasing number of users

Grow your business across the borders and develop more target audiences with the Android platform. You can achieve your business objectives easily with Android apps. Expand your targeted audiences across the world with a rich-featured android mobile app. 

  • Easy Customization 

Developing a mobile app with the Android platform is very easy to customize and flexible in making future changes. With the Android OS, you will get a highly featured mobile app with innovative technologies. With our Android app development services, you will get any type of app whether it is simple or complex. Your Android app will be developed as per your business needs and objectives. There are many tools available in the Android OS to manage and make updations in the apps. Hire us as your android app developers and get a fully secured mobile app. 

  • Higher ROI

Android is an open-source platform and developing an Android app does not cost too much. The development kit is easily available to the developers which they use to build an exclusively engaging mobile app for your business to bring maximum ROI. This app will help you reach your targeted audiences worldwide at a low cost. 

  • Improved Security 

With the update in the Android OS, Google is adding new features in the Android mobile apps. The Android OS has improved its data security and became capable of standing against Apple. Now it’s not easy for the software to know the data. Whenever the Android has an update it notifies the users. Do easy marketing with your android app and expand your business. 

  • Google Advantage

You will get Google additional applications and services with your android mobile app because Google supports Android OS. Google Assistant is the pioneer of Android and handles everything better than Siri. Google offers an abundance of services like upcoming schedules, directions to locate, checking traffic, and many more. This is also the major benefit that you got by getting Android app development services

If you want to have a mobile app that provides better user experience and higher ROI then you are at the Right Place. At IosAndWeb Technologies we have the best of breed Android app developers who will deliver you a rich-featured mobile app with high functionalities. Get cost-effective solutions by hiring us as your android app developers and achieve your business objectives in a short period of time. 

Why Is Digital Marketing So Important? – IosAndWeb Technologies

To get success in the business industry you need digital marketing. Internet users are increasing massively year by year and to promote your business and earn profits you need digital marketing. 50% of the total population all over the world are using the internet and in the upcoming years, it will go to 65%. The reason behind the more usage of the internet is the low-cost internet packages and easy availability of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. People are using these devices all the time and carrying themselves. That’s why to make people aware of your business you need to come over the Internet and make your business online. Digital marketing has great significance. Let’s be familiar with its main channels. 


  • Website

To get your business online and give it an online presence, you need to have a website where all the information will be available about your business. Without a website or putting any information online you can’t achieve your business goals. It is necessary to have an appealing website that will impact the visitors and make them buy from your business. 

  • Content Marketing 

Content is the king of digital marketing. To impress the visitors for your products or services you need to provide compelling information to them. The information or content about your products should be relevant and informative. Your content will represent your business in front of your customers. Post unique content and bring more customers to your business. 

  • SEO

With SEO services you will get to find your business on the search engines. You need not pay any money to the search engine owners to make your business show in the search engines. Getting a spot on the SERP is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort to make your business searchable and get ranked on the first page. 

  • SMM

People are addicted to social media platforms and now with Digital Marketing Services, we are taking advantage of their addiction. We will showcase our products & services on social media channels. Social media marketing channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. Social media marketing services are very effective and you can get a lot of profits by advertising on it. 

  • Email Marketing 

Email marketing can get you an abundance of profits in the business. Advertise your business by sending individual emails to the email addresses of the targeted audiences. Email Marketing doesn’t work as other marketing channels; you can discontinue sending emails at any time. 

  • Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can advertise your business products or services anywhere in the world. You can start advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and make people aware of your brand. You need to pay a certain amount to advertise on Google Adwords. 

You can target people who are not using the internet by sending them promotional text messages, voice messages, or phone calls. Digital marketing is a very effective way of advertising your business at less cost. Digital marketing is far cheaper than traditional marketing and hires IosAndWeb Technologies as your Digital Marketing agency to get better deals. 

Benefits of Choosing Best Digital Marketing Agency – IosAndWeb Technologies

Digital Marketing is an ongoing trend and the newest technique of marketing that has helped small as well as large businesses. Digital Marketing has given enormous results to the businesses and increased there return on investment (ROI). Marketing itself is a huge process and with the day to day operations of a business, it becomes difficult to manage all the activities of digital marketing on their own. This is where Digital Marketing agencies play their role. Choosing the best Digital Marketing agency can do wonders for your business. IosAndWeb Technologies is one such agency. It is the best Digital Marketing agency in Mohali. Let’s have a look at how the best Digital Marketing agency can benefit your business.  


1. Marketing Expertise from an Entire Team

By hiring the best Digital Marketing agency your business will get optimum Digital Marketing services from leading SEO experts, designers, strategists, writers who got excellent knowledge, skills, and experience. If you want to grow your business to a different level then it is advised to choose the best Digital Marketing agency rather than hiring an individual marketer or doing it by your self.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Doing outbound marketing or self-marketing can cost you a lot more than hiring a Digital Marketing agency. Businesses who choose marketing agencies to build their business strategies got low cost per sale. That is why Digital Marketing Agencies are great options for your marketing.

3. Take Advantage of More Qualified Leads

Targeting the right audience is very crucial to increase the sale of your product or services. The best Digital Marketing agency will focus on bringing high-quality solutions by targeting the right audience. Their solutions are quite interesting and relevant. 

4. Focus on Your Business Priorities

The best Digital Marketing agency is the one that takes off all the burden of marketing from you and provides you the finest results. In this way, you will be able to focus on all the other priorities of your business and work on other core areas where special attention is needed. 

5. Gain an Unbiased Perspective on Things

The best Digital Marketing agency is the one that gives you a true opinion about your business and steps in to provide useful, genuine and valuable advice on how you can excel in your business by improving your marketing techniques and strategies. With the team of experts, marketing agency analyzes all the aspects of your business and then give you their unbiased opinion. The main motive of the Digital Marketing agency is to satisfy its clients through their Digital Marketing Services and bring the desired results.

6. Gain Access to the Latest Technology

Access to the latest technology is essential in order to increase business performance, productivity, and efficiency. The best Digital Marketing agency will have all the latest software, superior tools, and analytical data. If you will do all this on your own then you have to explore the internet to find and know about all these software and tools.

7. Analytical Reporting

Digital Marketing agency will have specialized software that will provide you timely reports about the performance of the business in the market. These reports will tell you where do you stand in the market, what services are benefiting you and where you need to improve. This analytical reporting will keep you updated about the performance of your business.

To increase your ROI Digital Marketing is important for your business. Getting Digital Marketing Services from the Best Digital Marketing agency in Mohali i.e will benefit you a lot more than you can even think.