What’s The Difference Between White Hat, Black Hat, And Gray Hat SEO? – IosAndWeb

The white hat and black hat phrase originated from Western films. In those films, it was an easy way to analyze between the hero and the villain. The black hats were usually worn by the villains and the hero used to wear white hats. 

This philosophy has been not only used in films but also in various other industries. Both hats distinguish between ethical and unethical activities. From this terminology, the SEO industry also gets influenced and used it in SEO activities. 


Black and White Hat SEO

Before using SEO techniques, you must be familiar with both terms which will help you in deciding the one you should go for. White hat, its name is describing itself. In this SEO experts only perform ethical SEO services. All the activities get performed with a set of rules and follow all the algorithms prescribed by the search engines. 

In the case of black hat SEO, the SEO activities get done by using some unethical and risky practices that are not allowed by the search engines. The black hat tactics do not work for the long term and give results. Using black hat SEO techniques will affect your website in certain ways and can result in other dangerous consequences. 

What are Bad and Good Practices?

To perform SEO activities, there are few rules that are given by the search engines to the SEO experts. Because search engines have to work under various conditions and only they can decide what they need to do to be featured. The search engines have their own algorithms that are used by SEO experts as the rules for performing SEO services. SEO experts have been using and following these algorithms for years. Search engines make little changes in their algorithms after some time and the experts have to work according to that. This was done to avoid malicious hackers and other manipulative tactics to get better search results. 

Gray Hat SEO

There are very few people who know about the activities of Gray Hat SEO experts. As Gray is a mixture of black and white, the same terminology is followed by the Gray hat SEO experts. They use both white and black hat SEO by combining them. By following some ethical tactics under the rules of the search engines and by adding some shortcut techniques, Gray hat SEO experts bring results. The Gray hat SEO does not come under the category of completely ethical and unethical. 

Using black hat SEO techniques is not illegal, it is just not according to the search engine algorithms. You will not directly get penalized for using Gray hat SEO techniques up to some extent. 

After getting the information about white, black, and gray hat SEO, it would become easy for you to opt-out of them. If you really want to achieve a high ranking on the search engines and get long term results then you must go for IosAndWeb Technologies for getting white and gray hat SEO services. They will guide you with all ethical and unethical SEO activities so that you can avoid black hat SEO strategies. At IosAndWeb Technologies the white hat SEO experts will deliver you their services at different prices.

4 things to consider when looking for SEO Services? – IosAndWeb Technologies

With the increasing competition, every businessman wants to see their business on the top. Digitalization made this thing easy because now more than physically a business has to be on top via the internet. To be on the top a businessman needs to hire an SEO company. There are several things that you need to consider while choosing an SEO company. A good SEO company will bring your page on the top of the internet leaving millions and billions of sites behind. Here we will tell you the things that you should look upon while hiring your SEO experts.  


  • Define your SEO requirements clearly

Every businessman aims to be successful and more profitable and their site should get more popularity. The SEO experts and web developers should design the website as per the businessman or site owner. Every businessman takes SEO services to enhance their business and get more traffic on their website. SEO services do not show instant effect, generally, it takes 2-3 months to show the results. Rest, the SEO experts work as per the client’s requirements. 

  • Get a comprehensive service provider for SEO

SEO services are getting more complex with the updation of Google algorithms. Due to the increase in spamming and fake sites, Search engines are applying strict rules & conditions for the ranking of the sites. Use black hat SEO strategies and remove low standard websites and enhance the ranking. At IosAndWeb Technologies you will get genuine and white hat SEO services with your site will get organic ranking. A good SEO company will study your business and its websites then provide you comprehensive and customized SEO services. 

  • Search Widely

Choosing a Good SEO company is not an easy task, the good SEO services can take your website on the top and the bad SEO services can make you suffer badly. Take the free-consultation services from IosAndWeb Technologies and get a free SEO audit for your website from their experts. There you will get minimal details about your online business. IosAndWeb Technologies will only charge you for getting relevant services you can choose from their relevant plans and pay for it. The SEO audit report will provide the key points and suggestions to SEO experts then they will make strategies to improve the ranking and its online reputation. 


  • Choose the best among all and pay for the relevant services 


Do not think that only big SEO companies are result providers, it is only done by the professionals and experts in the field of SEO. Find an SEO company that understands your business requirements. IosAndWeb Technologies is a firm having professional and intelligent SEO experts who will produce desired outcomes within a specific and short span of time. 

Go for IosAndWeb Technologies for getting SEO services and rank your website better on the search engines. 

Best Practices For Effective PPC Services – IosAndWeb Technologies

Social media marketing is great! It’s one of the best ways to build brand engagement and presence. But, is the ROI of social media always guaranteed? Yes, social media is fun and with the correct strategy, you can get outstanding growth, however, the average ROI of social media is not always stable. So you probably wonder, is there any other option except Social Media Marketing Services?

fb nd insta 17-06(best ppc servcie pratice)

Actually, there are strategies that have been proven effective since the dawn of search engines. They’re referred to as Paid Search and Pay-per-click, and they’re still as effective for your investment as they used to be. While searching on Google, paid search advertising always catches eyes.  

It’s an excellent way to bring more traffic to your website and push your products in the process. PPC can be extraordinarily effective, but only if you do it right. That’s why in this article we have the strategies that you need to focus on to achieve PPC success.

Why Do You Need to Include Paid Search in Your Marketing Strategy?

Customers know what they want, and will often purchase it as soon as they see it. With the help of paid search advertising, you’ll be there when they need you. As a matter of fact, your ad is there even if your SEO Services efforts haven’t delivered the desired results yet.

If you have a broad target audience, PPC Services can help you achieve your sales objectives, and even if your target market is niche-specific, a paid search strategy can help, even with the right geographic location as one of the search criteria.

In many cases, a prospect needs to be in touch with your company several times before making a purchase. We’re talking about social media posts, articles, landing pages, and ads as well. The customer sales journey can begin really simple by hearing about your product on the radio, googling it, and if you’re present on the top search engine results page with your ad, you can convert the customer on the spot.

  • Set PPC Goals

Every marketing campaign needs goals, including paid search. You need to think about the outcome of your campaign, and you need to have a method to measure the progress towards the goals.

Ask yourself what is the number one thing that you want to achieve with your PPC services campaign. Do you want to grow your revenue? Or you want to increase brand awareness? What are the keywords that you want to focus your campaign on? Do you need to refine an existing campaign or start a new one from scratch?

  • Personalize Your Ads

If you want to compete for your customers’ attention, personalization is a must! You need to ensure that your ads reach the right people. Think about Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Target Audiences for example. You can use those platforms to show your ads to a focused list of people. Google’s Customer Match works the same!

You can upload your list of leads and place targeted ads in front of them on YouTube, Gmail Sponsored, or on the search engine. You may also use Google Customer Match to upload and make Similar Audiences to reach people who have the same demographics and behavior because the ones from your existing audiences. 

  • Single Keywords Ad Group (SKAG)

Google AdWords became extraordinarily competitive and also the CPC is on a relentless rise. This is why low-quality keywords and bad clicks are simply inexcusable. Direct your campaign towards a single keyword ad group, to increase your CTR. 

Pairing your keywords into different ad groups guarantees that the keywords that you bid for equal the search term that you’ve paid for.

  • Target Bottom-of-the-Funnel Keywords

If your ads bring users to your landing page but you’re still not able to convert them, maybe you use top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) keywords to target prospects that are not quite ready to purchase, or they’re not at that stage of the buyer’s journey.

Leads that are not ready for conversion yet use general keywords in Google searches because they don’t know much about the product/service, or they’re not quite educated about it. Targeting bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) keywords can help you avoid undesirable leads at this stage.

Assessing BOFU keywords with an understanding of the niche terminology and phrases that are used in your industry. On those phrases, you need to attach bottom-of-the-funnel keywords that prompt people to the CTA, such as:

  • Branded terms
  • Competitor terms
  • Contact words like “contact”, “call us”
  • Location: City/state/region/zip code

These keywords need to be uploaded to your AdWords Keyword Tool and the next thing you need to do is to examine the keyword volume and the competitive nature of the keywords. Then, inspect the CPC of the keywords. A higher CPC describes you that you may have many competitors that bid for the same words.

Select your BOFU keywords based upon high search volume, low competition, and high CPC. This stage of the keyword research process requires thorough research, time, and testing.  

Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach – IosAndWeb Technologies

When we start talking about social media, the first thing that comes to our mind is social media. And one thing we must tell you is the platform behind the decline of social media reach is also Facebook. Now you must be thinking about LinkedIn and Twitter. In this post, we’ll talk about these two concepts and you will get to know what you should do to correct all these things. From the title, you must get the hint that about social media reach we are going to talk about. You will get to know some tactics that will help you to boost your social media reach.


  • Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Optimizing content for the SEO Services purpose is not enough, you have to take the same steps for social media profiles as well. You should optimize your social media profiles for better visibility. At IosAndWeb Technologies, we’ll give you some tips which you can use to be a social media rockstar. Create your social media profile and pick an easy to remember the username, brand logo, defining photo, a keyword-rich description that defines your business, and finally add a backlink that directly takes customers to the landing page or your website. 

By focusing on these elements you will create an attractive social media profile. Now you need to focus on posting the content. These elements will also be considered while posting the content on your social media channel. 

  • Post Evergreen Content

When we keep content marketing strategies in mind while blogging, then why don’t we think the same way while posting on social media

Saying evergreen content is far more difficult than creating that kind of content. To Boost any post’s social media reach you should make it evergreen. Market conditions always keep on giving you opportunities to generate interesting and reliable content. You just need to open your eyes and ears and look around. Never make a post with an expiry date, this will surely help you in achieving this. Look at your audience’s issues & queries and try to solve them by generating informational content. 

  • Social Media Needs Smart Work

The data released by Facebook shows that a single Facebook user scrolls up to 1500 stories in a day. For the better engagement of the users, the algorithms of Facebook shows the relevant posts in the user’s newsfeed. While posting on social media you should concentrate on the quality of the posts rather than quantity. Uploading more content on social media is not the subject, it’s about posting new, high-quality, relevant, and informative content that will bring more audience to your channel. 

  • Post Right Type Of Content

Before posting, you should know what type of content will engage more users to your social media channels. It has been seen in a study that video content engages more audience and boosts your social media reach. But before posting video content you should know what kind of videos you should post. By posting high-quality videos you will get to bring more users. 

Boosting social media reach is similar to getting a high ranking on the search engines. Everything is about optimization, user engagement, timings, and the quality of the content. IosAndWeb Technologies has an experienced team of social media experts who will develop effective social media campaigns for increasing your social media reach. 

Tips To Choose An SEO Company – IosAndWeb Technologies

The dynamics of internet marketing changes every day because of the increasing competition. Many businesses are getting online and the search engines keep on updating their algorithms. The increasing development and competition give emergence to a variety of services. Every SEO company offers the best of its services to its clients and guarantees positive results for their businesses. As a result, small scale businesses get difficulties in choosing a reputed SEO agency. As a businessman, everyone doesn’t know what to ask about their services while choosing an agency. At IosAndWeb Technologies, we’ll give you some tips to choose an SEO company for the improvement of your business rankings on the search engines. 


  • Conduct A Small Analysis

Before selecting any SEO company, you have to check the functioning of your website and its ranking on the search engine results page. By analyzing these small things about your website, it will become easier for you to choose an agency. Use Google Webmaster Tools to check the positioning of the things that your website is viewing on the web. You can analyze the phrases, texts that are performing good and the strength of backlinks that your website is getting and any issues with the existing backlinks and many more things. To track the performance and traffic on your website you can use Google Analytics. 

  • Understand Your Needs

After the basic analysis, you should understand your website’s needs with respect to SEO. SEO is a long-term process; it’s not a one-time effort, with the analysis you will get to know about the immediate needs of your website. When you will get to understand the needs of your business, then it will become easy for you to know the time and efforts that your website needs. 

  • Consider Your Finance

While running a business we constantly keep on thinking about saving money as much as you can. Everyone wants to get the best of the services at less cost and want guaranteed results. The way we think considering these elements before choosing a digital marketing agency will not be a good choice. 

No reputable SEO company ensures the results because the algorithms from the search engines keep on changing. Nobody can predict the changes exactly that search engines are going to make. If any company is ensuring your results then you need to use caution. Some companies use black hat SEO techniques to get faster results but these results are not legitimate and for long-time. 

  • Pick the Best Fit

Sometimes the most popular SEO companies do not fit your business needs and you will get to pay for the services that your website doesn’t need. It’s not mandatory that you will be the esteemed customer of your hired agency, they might not give your website their full attention. For the best services for your website, you must hire IosAndWeb Technologies for getting digital marketing services. You will get really inexpensive services with high performance.

The SEO experts at our agency will put their complete knowledge and use the best of the technology to improve the ranking of your website on the search engines. We don’t concentrate only on one factor, we look at your website from all the perspectives and delivers high-quality solutions. 

Rich Media and Its Use in SEO – IosAndWeb Technologies

Today the whole world revolves around the internet and every individual is using the Internet for their personal or professional purposes. For constructing a great online reputation every business organization is using the latest SEO techniques. The entire website rankings can be improved by rich media. Everyone doesn’t know about rich media and its benefits. This is proven by research that people prefer to watch videos and other visual content rather than reading text on the internet. 


Rich Media has a great significance in SEO Services. It helps in bringing and engaging more users with your brand. Rich media includes videos, images, social media embeds, infographics, interactive content like polls, digital quizzes, eBooks etc. 

About Rich Media

Rich media is a digital marketing and advertising term that can be used for a website’s page advertisement by creating videos, audio content, and other downloaded programs that will interact with the user instantly. 

People having websites on the internet are always on the lookout for new marketing techniques to grab the user’s attention. To open the visual content, the user needs to have Flash and JavaScript in his computer system. Basically, rich media can be defined as using more videos and images content to make your brand more actively on the internet.

The Major Benefits of Rich Media

Rich Media gives plenty of benefits let’s have a glance:

  • Engage More Consumers

The major boon of Rich media is that it attracts more users and is helpful in engaging more customers with your brand. While visiting the Internet users pay more attention to the visual content and that becomes helpful in getting high ranking in SEO. 

  • Increase Website Traffic

The more visual content will bring more website visitors and ultimately that will increase leads & sales and profits. The main things that you can use to enhance the engagement of users with your brand are by adding videos, social media buttons, carousel, mapping tools, etc. 

  • Better Click-Through Rate

Rich Media always works for better SEO. A study has already proven that the Click-through rate of links with rich media has a 61% click capture rate. The website with rich media content has more chances of better ranking in the Search Engine Results Page. 

  • Rich Media Banner Interaction

There are 80% of people that search for things before purchasing on the internet via their mobile phones. Rich media banners are more interactive than other standard banners and people are likely to click more on them. 

Role of Rich Media in SEO

It is natural human behavior that they get attracted more towards visual stimulants instead of written text, that’s why adding images and videos for the website is significant. The advertisers can use images and videos for the improvement of SEO campaigns. It has seen in the last few years that people are likely to respond faster on their Twitter and Facebook posts rather than any other social media platforms. For better rankings on Google, advertisers should use rich media with the written text while developing the campaigns. 

For the development of SEO campaigns for your website, you must hire IosAndWeb Technologies that will give you SEO services and other Digital Marketing services. To get better rankings on the search engines the advertisers will use rich media like videos, audio files, and images for your brand. 

Some Ways to Optimize A Website For Great Digital Experience – IosAndWeb Technologies

To get a high ranking on the search engines website optimization is mandatory. Nowadays having an online platform for business activities is significant. For the improvement in search engine ranking, it is important to use digital marketing techniques for your business. There are plenty of techniques that digital marketing experts use to optimize a website for a great digital experience. Here some of them we’ll discuss with you.


  • Conduct a strong keyword research 

The entire SEO process begins with strong keyword research. As a layman or a businessman, you need to hire a legitimate agency for SEO services. They will comprehend your business objectives and google algorithms and find the most trending keywords in your business industry. Finding suitable keywords for your brand is essential before launching your website then it will help you in getting faster results. SEO results are not always consistent, they keep on changing so you need to have a complete record of the latest SEO results. 

Google’s keyword planner is a great tool to find suitable keywords for your business industry, you just need to begin with your business industry and the targeted location. You will get a set of keywords in your industry that people are using for searching your services on the search engines. It will show you the frequency of search and the competition among the keywords. The best way would be to go for low competition keywords and higher search numbers. 

  • Create unique content by using relevant keywords 

The content of the website has a great impact on the website visitors and it is also helpful in digital marketing. To maintain your position in the overall ranking and be in the Google listings, you need to develop unique and high-quality content for your website. Your content should contain the relevant keywords and it should be stuffed naturally in the content. The main aim of the content creation is to provide relevant information to the genuine audiences. Never consider your content as a stepping stone for your website, with this you can lose much. Keep working on the keywords and use them in your content regularly. The more reliable, readable, informative, and unique content will improve your search engine ranking. 

  • Keep on Tracking the Loading Speed

The new innovative technologies and coding languages have already reduced the loading time of the websites up to some extent. Most often, the website speed gets reduced because of more data. Google always shortlists the website with low loading speed. Therefore, it is mandatory to keep a check on your website loading speed to achieve a high ranking on Google and other search engines. It is not only about the home page of the website, in fact, but it is also about all the pages that your website has. 

  • Use Landing Pages

For website optimization, landing pages have a great significance but for better results, you need to stuff the right keywords in your content. If you develop a social media marketing strategy or other promotional strategies then using correct keywords is mandatory. Include the most relevant keywords in the title and the body content of the website page. 

Hire IosAndWeb Technologies as your landing page designers and SEO experts, they will focus on adding one keyword on one page while designing your landing pages. If you feel that you have more than one relevant keyword then we’ll create more landing pages for your brand. 

Breadcrumbs and Its Benefits in SEO – IosAndWeb Technologies

Breadcrumbs are nothing just a path text which shows the location on the website where you are. They are a very crucial component of the website which tells the visitors their path on the website. Breadcrumbs are little navigation aids that are specially generated for navigation on the website. This also plays a role in helping Google work with how your site is structured. These navigational aids are clickable on the website which helps in making the easy ways and makes the access easy on the website. Breadcrumbs contain great significance in SEO services. Let’s discuss its benefits in SEO: 


Breadcrumbs give plenty of benefits in SEO but here we have just shortlisted a few. 

  • Lower the bounce rate

Bounce rates refer to the percentage of the visitors viewing the page of the website and moves away from the page after seeing it. Nowadays due to the efforts of developers and marketers, every search became organic and you can directly search it on Google and enter into any page of the website. It is not compulsory to enter the homepage of the website. Searchers can search for any of the services on Google and the result page will show the specific services pages in the results. This way any page could be the entry page. Therefore breadcrumbs help in decreasing the bounce rate of the website by allowing visitors to enter into their website from any page. 

  • Boosts User Experience 

Breadcrumbs also help in boosting the user experience of the website. If any website provides navigation aids to the visitors then that website will be considered as the best website. Breadcrumbs don’t take much but you can achieve success by making your visitors happy by showing them the path on your website. It will enhance the overall user experience and also boosts access to your website. Visitors need not use the back button on the website. 

  • Google loves breadcrumbs 

Breadcrumbs are very beneficial for Google because as it helps the visitors in finding the path, it also helps Google in finding the relevant information about your website. Google gets help in structure your site with the breadcrumbs. Google also used breadcrumbs in the search results to add value to your search. 

Why use the breadcrumbs?

Who likes to get lost? People will get lost on your website and will not find their way on your website if you don’t use breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are the best way to show the path to the visitors of the website and enhance the user experience. Breadcrumbs are nothing but the links that provide guidance to the users to check their paths on the website. They will surely increase your website traffic and visibility on the internet. Adding breadcrumbs to the website will also decrease the bounce rate of your website.

Some Ways To Increase Website Visitors – IosAndWeb Technologies

It’s not easy to bring organic traffic. We need to implement white-hat SEO strategies for a long period of time to make it possible. In the end, your hard work will surely pay off. The most relevant and organic traffic can be generated from search engines. But for some websites, the traffic can be brought from social media networks and other platforms. Learn some ways of How to get organic traffic to your website.


  • Analyze the good and bad links of your website 

Backlinks are the most prominent factor in organic SEO Services. Many Googlers who have rumored about their reduction in the value of their website agree that good links can maintain the high ranking of the website. From Google which is a top search engine, you can generate organic traffic with a few links. To compete with the high authority websites in your niche you have to build or earn the backlinks. You cannot achieve a high ranking without good backlinks. 

  • Post Content About User’s Queries

If you’re managing an online business then surely your esteemed customers will be arising questions about your business or products. Even if you have a running blog, people may have queries for that too. The better way to address their issues and bring organic traffic to the website, write unique and informative detailed content by using the people’s questions as a keyword. 

  • Do keyword research and create a keyword database 

With great keyword research, you will get to know the phrases that people are using to find things on the internet. It is the most essential term in SEO. A successful SEO strategy can only be built with rich keyword research. While creating a new blog post you’ve to create a keyword database as per the topic of the content and find out the most trending keywords. Long Tail keywords will help you bring more organic traffic quickly and they usually have low search volumes. 

  • Create Quality Content Frequently

Content is king, we all have heard this phrase hundreds of times. This is actually reality because with the high quality and unique content you can attract many users and generate backlinks. This method is best among all the organic traffic methods. Create informative content, share it on social media, and improve the overall user experience of your website. Posting good content is not sufficient to rank high. You’ve to keep an eye on your competitors’ content and work on creating your content strategies. 

  • Create a robust internal linking system 

Build a powerful internal linking system of your website and generate backlinks for the existing articles. Creating internal links will help you keep the readers on your website for more time. By connecting links to the older posts of your website will help you to build high-quality links. 

  • Monitor Your SEO Progress

Acquiring organic traffic and implementing SEO strategies never ends. You should not forget checking the progress of your SEO strategies even if you’ve achieved top ranking on Google and getting relevant traffic to your website. Always keep a check on your progress and monitor what is performing best and what is lacking you behind.

IosAndWeb Technology is one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in India providing the best Local SEO services, PPC Services, and Social Media Marketing services with guaranteed results.