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The goal of a brand engagement campaign is to create awareness about the brand among customers so that it can create a positive relationship between customers and your company’s products and services. In different ways, customers connect with the brand. These ways include watching videos, playing games, website browsing and many others. Your brand campaign should include keywords of your brand. For instance, Digital Marketing in Mohali is a keyword for IosAndWeb Technologies. Such Keywords make it easy for people to search for your website on the web and showcase your products & services. Brand advertising provides information about a company’s products and services to the consumers. 


Every company should include digital marketing Service in order to excel their business. Under digital marketing, PPC services hold a high position. PPC advertising contributes at a large scale for the increase of sale of a company. It is important for a business to regularly monitor Google Adwords campaigns. As Adwords report helps a business to analyze the progress of PPC advertising running on digital platforms. If you are looking for PPC Services in Mohali then IosAndWeb Technologies is the best place as the company provides digital marketing expertise in Mobile. IosAndWeb Technologies updates its services according to the latest trends and practices to provide successful results. 

Today Google Adwords is the best platform for advertising. Large enterprises and small businesses choose Google Adwords to promote their products and services and reach to the potential customers as fast as possible. For this a great digital advertising campaign is required and the best practices for successful Adwords campaign include:

  • Structure

Google Adwords account is based on the structure of the campaign. Structure is the one that holds the campaign and becomes the backbone of PPC. To build a successful structure it is important to note that keywords must not be clubbed together, keep one keyword for one ad group, offers of the brand must not be collaborated with a single brand query, all the products need to be kept in different brand groups, every ad group should have a separate or individual landing page. 

  • Ad Copy

Ad copy is the campaign’s face. When you start a brand campaign it is important to write your brand name in ad copy in capital and bold letters. Google has a feature that automatically applies your brand domain to ad copy. While creating an ad copy you need to maintain a clear visibility on terms related to your brand. Another important thing is to write the URL in capital letters. 

  • Target Ads

Targeting your ads provides extreme benefits to your brand. Google offers a great beneficial feature in Adwords i.e. targeting based ads. Targeting can be done on different types of web behavior, geographical area, demographics and many other similar targeting factors. Target ads is one of the factors in which you can use target keywords that increase the search of your website. 

  • Test Frequency 

Tracking your ad campaign is very important. It helps to analyze the past results as well as determine the future outcomes. It helps you to know how your ad campaign is performing, in case there are no better results then what necessary changes need to be made for better results. 

Google Adwords campaign is the most reliable advertising method of today’s business world. For successful campaigns the above practices must be considered along with other technical practices. IosAndWeb Technologies is a company that helps you to completely monitor your campaign performance and brings the best results for your brand. 

Top On-Page SEO Practices In 2020 – IosAndWeb Technologies

Top On-Page SEO Practices In 2020 (1)

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a bunch of activities that are done to get a high ranking on the search engine results page. Now every business is getting online and all businessmen desire to have an influential website as a face of their business. As the websites are increasing over the internet, the competition is also getting cutthroat. Conducting keyword research and generating engaging content becomes difficult. You must hire SEO experts to get SEO services for your website. In this article, we will make you familiar with the top on-page SEO practices for your website in 2020. 

  • Rich Snippets

While creating content for your website never forget to add Rich snippets in your content, it is a very important SEO practice for your website. Rich snippets and Featured snippets became critical for your website because Google’s content citation strategy gives huge importance to rich snippets. 

  • Begin with a keyword research 

The title tag of your page informs the search engines about your page and website. This way the search engines get to know about your page and about its whole content. Search engines show results for the relevant keywords associated with your content. All the keywords and phrases are highlighted by the search engines that are being searched on the search engines by the user. In this way, the visibility of your website gets boosted and will increase the overall click-through rate. 

  • Accurate Meta-descriptions

The meta description of your page tells the search engines about what your page is. To get high ranking you must focus on creating accurate meta descriptions that will attract the users to click on your website link. Create compelling meta descriptions but not more than 160 characters.

  • Create Unique and High-quality content with targeted keywords 

Generate fresh content with targeted keywords for your website that will help you in achieving a high ranking on search engines. While generating content don’t stuff too many keywords in your content. Add internal and external links in your content for your website. Internal links refer to links of your social media pages or other related pages of your website. External linking refers to adding links on other high authority websites by guest posting. Avoid posting duplicate and copied content. 

  • Internal Website Linking

Create internal links for your website like creating related pages and landing pages. If the user clicks on the links he/she will land to the other page of your website. Creating landing pages is must because it will strengthen the keywords of your website and enable the users to roam across your website. 

  • Image Tags

Every image you add in your content must be tagged appropriately. Adding an alt tag will optimize your images and become good for accessibility. Give an SEO friendly file name to your images. 

Having a website is of no use if you are not maintaining it properly. If you feel that you don’t have time to manage your business online then get SEO services from a reputed SEO agency. They will surely keep your website updated and will help you in achieving a high ranking on search engines. IosAndWeb Technologies is a leading SEO agency in delivering high-quality SEO services at affordable rates. 

What’s The Difference Between White Hat, Black Hat, And Gray Hat SEO? – IosAndWeb

The white hat and black hat phrase originated from Western films. In those films, it was an easy way to analyze between the hero and the villain. The black hats were usually worn by the villains and the hero used to wear white hats. 

This philosophy has been not only used in films but also in various other industries. Both hats distinguish between ethical and unethical activities. From this terminology, the SEO industry also gets influenced and used it in SEO activities. 


Black and White Hat SEO

Before using SEO techniques, you must be familiar with both terms which will help you in deciding the one you should go for. White hat, its name is describing itself. In this SEO experts only perform ethical SEO services. All the activities get performed with a set of rules and follow all the algorithms prescribed by the search engines. 

In the case of black hat SEO, the SEO activities get done by using some unethical and risky practices that are not allowed by the search engines. The black hat tactics do not work for the long term and give results. Using black hat SEO techniques will affect your website in certain ways and can result in other dangerous consequences. 

What are Bad and Good Practices?

To perform SEO activities, there are few rules that are given by the search engines to the SEO experts. Because search engines have to work under various conditions and only they can decide what they need to do to be featured. The search engines have their own algorithms that are used by SEO experts as the rules for performing SEO services. SEO experts have been using and following these algorithms for years. Search engines make little changes in their algorithms after some time and the experts have to work according to that. This was done to avoid malicious hackers and other manipulative tactics to get better search results. 

Gray Hat SEO

There are very few people who know about the activities of Gray Hat SEO experts. As Gray is a mixture of black and white, the same terminology is followed by the Gray hat SEO experts. They use both white and black hat SEO by combining them. By following some ethical tactics under the rules of the search engines and by adding some shortcut techniques, Gray hat SEO experts bring results. The Gray hat SEO does not come under the category of completely ethical and unethical. 

Using black hat SEO techniques is not illegal, it is just not according to the search engine algorithms. You will not directly get penalized for using Gray hat SEO techniques up to some extent. 

After getting the information about white, black, and gray hat SEO, it would become easy for you to opt-out of them. If you really want to achieve a high ranking on the search engines and get long term results then you must go for IosAndWeb Technologies for getting white and gray hat SEO services. They will guide you with all ethical and unethical SEO activities so that you can avoid black hat SEO strategies. At IosAndWeb Technologies the white hat SEO experts will deliver you their services at different prices.

Why Should You Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency? – IosAndWeb Technology

If you’re having a business and an online platform like a website where you are growing your business then add social media marketing in your marketing strategies as well to get more exposure. In 2020, social media is an unignorable concept and some of the businessmen don’t even have any idea of the benefits that they can get from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other marketing sites.


As a businessman, it’s impossible for you to focus on both digital marketing as well as sales together. Hire a digital marketing agency in Mohali to make your business grow online and increase sales. 

  • Build and Manage Healthy Relationships With Your Customers

By hiring a social media marketing agency you will get to develop strong and healthy relationships with your customers and clients. A social media marketing agency like IosAndWeb Technologies will create attractive and appealing profiles for your businesses on different social media platforms to give your business more exposure. To get good followers and fans on social media platforms it is not mandatory to have a large business, you can establish your trust and build good relationships with your small business also. As a social media marketing agency, we’ll help you in increasing your audience and grow your business quickly.

  • Increase Your Popularity 

It has been seen in many reports that 49% of the people get to know about your business from social media profiles. These reports truly show that every business must have a social media marketing expert to manage their social media accounts. Nowadays every customer wants to get their needs fulfilled with their home comfort. That’s why e-commerce businesses are growing and getting appreciation. Communicating through social media will help you in growing your business and gain popularity among customers. The most prevailing social media applications are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

  • Cover All Types Of Demographics 

While developing social media marketing campaigns, you will get to choose the demographics like which age group of people you want to target. This way you will get to know the age of people that are following you on social media. As per the research, people between the ages of 18 to 29 tend to use social media sites on a regular basis. You can develop your social media marketing strategies according to the different age groups by knowing their interests. By hiring IosAndWeb Technologies you will get to capture your customers’ minds. 

  • Establish A Direct Communication 

By posting on social media platforms you can establish direct communication with your customers. By comments, likes, and feedback your customers can share their views about your products & services on social media. You will get to know about their interests and choices that you can consider while launching new products. Your social media marketing expert will work as a bridge between you and your customers. 

Now it’s time to hire an expert team of social media marketing to create an identity of your business on these prevailing platforms. Online marketing is trending and everyone is aware of it. Use it for your business as well and make your business known to everyone. 

Benefits Of Digital Marketing Over Traditional Marketing – IosAndWeb Technology

Digital marketing refers to promoting the products and services by using online electronic devices whereas traditional marketing is completely different in which promotions are done through hoardings, pamphlets, radio, television, etc. In Digital marketing, as a businessman, you can have a regular check on your marketing campaigns and know the effectiveness of your efforts. It will help you in analyzing and understanding what is working and what is not in real-time. It is far better than traditional marketing. In digital marketing, you can choose the specific demographics of people while creating the marketing campaigns but in traditional marketing, you will not get an option for choosing your target audience. The main aim of both the marketing techniques is analogous but the effectiveness of digital marketing is more. There are several benefits of digital marketing services over traditional marketing which can tell you why people go for digital marketing. 


  • Cost-Effective 

Advertising by using online channels like social media, search engines are cost-effective than promoting your brand by Television, radio, hoardings, and pamphlets. By developing a great strategy with an affordable investment you can achieve your business goals like standing against your competitors, creating revenue, reach your target audience, and get the data you need to increase your overall Return on Investment.

  • Reach

Digital marketing is faster in making you reach your targeted audiences rather than traditional marketing. The people who are interested in your products & services will easily reach your business and you will be saved from annoying people.

  • User-Interaction 

In digital marketing, you can directly interact with your customers by making posts & advertisements on social media and search engines. This will help you in knowing your customer’s interests and views directly. Traditional marketing doesn’t provide you with this benefit. It is a static medium of marketing that doesn’t allow you to communicate with your customers. 

  • Coverage

Digital marketing will give you more coverage than traditional marketing. In traditional marketing, you will only cover those sectors for which you will pay. Like if you pay for newspaper advertisements your business will be printed in newspapers and the same for every other marketing channel.  But in the case of digital marketing, your advertisements will stay there forever. Everything you post on the internet will get stored on the internet and your customers can search for it when required. 

  • Tracking

In traditional marketing, you can’t track the performance of your marketing campaigns but digital marketing allows you to track the performance. 

The world is changing and everything is getting digitized. Not only magazines or news but we also use the internet for our everyday tasks like banking services, shopping, reading, etc. For even small tasks everyone uses the internet. It’s high time for you to get your business online and make it popular among the people. Hire IosAndWeb Technologies as your digital marketing experts and they will guide you in making an investment in digital marketing campaigns. 

How to create a cost estimate for a software project? – IosAndWeb Technology

Calculating the total cost of software development is a bit difficult, especially when you don’t have any little knowledge about cost estimation. In any project deployment, the cost estimation is considered as the most difficult task. An adequate cost estimation leads to the success of the project. Before planning the project the initial thing that is to be planned is cost estimation. Where to allocate the resources, associated costs, and approved timeline. 


While hiring any software development company clients spend huge amounts of money and they want justification for every single penny they have spent. So here we will tell you some of the tips to create a cost estimation.   

Components of Estimating Costs

The overall expenses of the project do not spend directly, these are spent on different levels.

    • Direct costs: These costs include the direct deployment of resources, products used in the development, wages to the employees and other expenses. Direct expenses can’t be negotiated, we’ve to pay these costs. Any money that you’ve spent on buying any physical resources or outsourcing some phase of development can be put under direct costs. 
    • Indirect costs: These costs will only be considered when software developers spend on the different levels of the project. In this, you can include expenses related to management, security, and utilities. Sometimes indirect costs occur when clients make changes while development or testing period of the software.

Know the Expectations of the client

Before working out on any project you should know the expectations of the client and find that what your client actually needs. While working on the project you must give all the details to the client on every stage so if you aren’t working as per the requirements the client will make the necessary alterations. You can estimate the total cost of the project by knowing the client’s requirements. You should not start working on any project without knowing the final product that your client needs. Mostly while hiring any software development company clients to provide all the detailed information regarding their needs and requirements in a document file. If your case is not the same, then you must contact your client’s manager or coordinate to handle the product designing. 

Emphasize the client’s budget

Clients do not provide any knowledge about their budget but software developers need to figure out how much they are going to invest in the project. The reason behind not sharing the actual budget did the fear of getting charged more than actual. From a survey, it has been found that 35% of the companies charge extra bucks when they get to know the overall budget of the company. 

Make an out of scope action

You need not get upset if you are not getting any knowledge about the budget of the client, set your estimation regarding the use of resources, employees and other things. Set all these things in a budget and spare some money as a reserve for the indirect expenses. The main aim is to make a client-friendly cost estimation where your client gets convinced and satisfied with your services. 


  • Checklist to follow for a great cost estimate


There are several factors that can make your cost estimation undeniably reliable. Depict the scalability and consistency of your estimation with these factors: 

  • Self-Reliance
  • Credibility
  • Documentation
  • Precision
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost verification

If you are preparing a cost estimation for the first time then you must through with all the above-given aspects. IosAndWeb Technologies experts have found these factors after researching over the internet. 

Why Website Speed Is Important? – IosAndWeb Technologies

Do you feel frustrated when a website doesn’t load quickly? Do you think it is important to consider website speed as an important criterion? Do you know the loading speed of a website directly affects the conversion rates? If you don’t think that website speed is an important aspect then you must start thinking about it. The Speed of your website has equal importance as content, navigation, design, and optimization.    

When users will not find the adequate performance of your website they will not likely visit your website again. If you think you can not improve your website performance then you’re totally wrong. It can be improved. Before knowing about the techniques of improving the website speed, you must know about its importance.  

  • First Impression is the Last Impression

The speed and performance of your website are crucial because it puts the first impression on the visitors. The fast loaded website will put a positive and best impression on the users. It will help you in bringing the new users to your website. This has been proven in research that mobile users leave the website if it doesn’t load quickly. A fast loading website is a sign of professionalism and you should work on it. 

  • Increased Traffic Rate

You can increase your website traffic by using a number of ways but optimizing website speed is also a crucial step in increasing the traffic. There are algorithms from Google that give huge importance to website speed. 

  • Slow Website, less conversion rate

The slow loading speed of your website will completely make users abandon your page. It has been calculated by Amazon that if their website slows down for one second they will lose $1.6 billion in revenue annually. 

  • We live in a fast-paced world.

Everyone is busy in lightning their own lives and can’t wait for your website to load. 

Here are the most effective ways to improve your website speed. 

Focusing on the user experience is essential to stand out from the crowd and better user experience is directly related to the speed and performance of the websites. There are several ways to improve the speed of your website and here we have shortlisted some of them for you. 

  • Compress The Size Of Image and Video

Optimizing the rich media like images and videos by compressing their size will also improve the speed of your website. Do not reduce the quality of the visuals. 

  • Limit Plug-ins and Redirect Links

Deactivate all the unnecessary plug-ins and remove redirect links from the website to enhance the speed of your website. 

  • Clean Up Your Database

Always keep your database clean and clear cache time to time to improve your website performance. 

Everyone wants a fast loading website no matter if they are using mobile phones, laptops, or desktop. The speed and performance of the website are mandatory to get high traffic and boost ranking on the search engines. You have to give special attention while website development because it will earn credibility from the users. 

Get website development services from IosAndWeb Technologies that is a leading company in Chandigarh. We’ll optimize the speed and performance of your website that will surely increase your conversions.  

4 things to consider when looking for SEO Services? – IosAndWeb Technologies

With the increasing competition, every businessman wants to see their business on the top. Digitalization made this thing easy because now more than physically a business has to be on top via the internet. To be on the top a businessman needs to hire an SEO company. There are several things that you need to consider while choosing an SEO company. A good SEO company will bring your page on the top of the internet leaving millions and billions of sites behind. Here we will tell you the things that you should look upon while hiring your SEO experts.  


  • Define your SEO requirements clearly

Every businessman aims to be successful and more profitable and their site should get more popularity. The SEO experts and web developers should design the website as per the businessman or site owner. Every businessman takes SEO services to enhance their business and get more traffic on their website. SEO services do not show instant effect, generally, it takes 2-3 months to show the results. Rest, the SEO experts work as per the client’s requirements. 

  • Get a comprehensive service provider for SEO

SEO services are getting more complex with the updation of Google algorithms. Due to the increase in spamming and fake sites, Search engines are applying strict rules & conditions for the ranking of the sites. Use black hat SEO strategies and remove low standard websites and enhance the ranking. At IosAndWeb Technologies you will get genuine and white hat SEO services with your site will get organic ranking. A good SEO company will study your business and its websites then provide you comprehensive and customized SEO services. 

  • Search Widely

Choosing a Good SEO company is not an easy task, the good SEO services can take your website on the top and the bad SEO services can make you suffer badly. Take the free-consultation services from IosAndWeb Technologies and get a free SEO audit for your website from their experts. There you will get minimal details about your online business. IosAndWeb Technologies will only charge you for getting relevant services you can choose from their relevant plans and pay for it. The SEO audit report will provide the key points and suggestions to SEO experts then they will make strategies to improve the ranking and its online reputation. 


  • Choose the best among all and pay for the relevant services 


Do not think that only big SEO companies are result providers, it is only done by the professionals and experts in the field of SEO. Find an SEO company that understands your business requirements. IosAndWeb Technologies is a firm having professional and intelligent SEO experts who will produce desired outcomes within a specific and short span of time. 

Go for IosAndWeb Technologies for getting SEO services and rank your website better on the search engines. 

Some Advantages Of PPC For Small Businesses – IosAndWeb Technologies

There are several benefits that PPC gives to small businesses. It is the best way to get a higher ROI if developed effectively. Successful and effective PPC services will help you to generate more profits than any other marketing method in a shorter period of time. It will help you to reach your targeted audiences at the right time and place and the moment when they want to be your customers. 

ppc small service busines) 19-06-2020)  

We have come with this article to make you know the benefits of PPC services for small businesses so that you can develop your digital marketing strategies that way.

  • Fast Results 

PPC campaigns will give you faster results than any other digital marketing services. Every businessman wants faster results and he can get them by developing effective PPC advertising campaigns. There are very few steps that you need to take to develop a PPC advertising campaign. If you already have a running website, create a Google Adwords account, set up your ads, and start running them in Google network to get traffic. 

  • Measurable Results  

The most amazing thing about PPC campaigns is they give you measurable results. In PPC advertising campaigns you can measure everything like costs of the campaigns, profits, views, clicks, insights, and many more. You can manage anything of your PPC campaign no matter if it is about spending money and earning profits. There are many Key Performance Indicators and other reports that will give you all the required information and data available. 

  • No dependencies on SEO or Google algorithms 

SEO is essential for getting high ranking in search engines and having an SEO friendly website is an asset. But if you are starting with PPC then you don’t need to care about Google’s algorithms and its changes. 

  • Reach the right audience 

While developing a PPC campaign you will get to choose where and when you will display your ads and who will see your ads. It all depends upon the various factors like keywords, location, website, device, time and date and many more. Creating a PPC campaign is completely flexible and you will be allowed to segment your market and showcase your products in front of your audience. 

  • Brand Recognition 

By doing keyword research, you will get to find the keywords that you can target. People who will search for those keywords in your niche will start watching your ads on the search engines. In this way, people will start knowing about your brand and you will get a business authority in the market.

  • Budget-Friendly 

You can develop your PPC advertising campaign according to your budget. It will allow you to choose your own budget for an ad campaign. In this, you will find an option in which you will choose to pay for one click. As we have already discussed, PPC is completely measurable and you can measure your costs. You will easily analyze that your running ad campaign is giving your profits or losses for further actions. 

Contact IAW for the development of paid search advertising campaigns for your website on the internet. PPC experts at IosAndWeb Technologies will give you result-driven PPC services and bring your targeted audience to your website.

Best Practices For Effective PPC Services – IosAndWeb Technologies

Social media marketing is great! It’s one of the best ways to build brand engagement and presence. But, is the ROI of social media always guaranteed? Yes, social media is fun and with the correct strategy, you can get outstanding growth, however, the average ROI of social media is not always stable. So you probably wonder, is there any other option except Social Media Marketing Services?

fb nd insta 17-06(best ppc servcie pratice)

Actually, there are strategies that have been proven effective since the dawn of search engines. They’re referred to as Paid Search and Pay-per-click, and they’re still as effective for your investment as they used to be. While searching on Google, paid search advertising always catches eyes.  

It’s an excellent way to bring more traffic to your website and push your products in the process. PPC can be extraordinarily effective, but only if you do it right. That’s why in this article we have the strategies that you need to focus on to achieve PPC success.

Why Do You Need to Include Paid Search in Your Marketing Strategy?

Customers know what they want, and will often purchase it as soon as they see it. With the help of paid search advertising, you’ll be there when they need you. As a matter of fact, your ad is there even if your SEO Services efforts haven’t delivered the desired results yet.

If you have a broad target audience, PPC Services can help you achieve your sales objectives, and even if your target market is niche-specific, a paid search strategy can help, even with the right geographic location as one of the search criteria.

In many cases, a prospect needs to be in touch with your company several times before making a purchase. We’re talking about social media posts, articles, landing pages, and ads as well. The customer sales journey can begin really simple by hearing about your product on the radio, googling it, and if you’re present on the top search engine results page with your ad, you can convert the customer on the spot.

  • Set PPC Goals

Every marketing campaign needs goals, including paid search. You need to think about the outcome of your campaign, and you need to have a method to measure the progress towards the goals.

Ask yourself what is the number one thing that you want to achieve with your PPC services campaign. Do you want to grow your revenue? Or you want to increase brand awareness? What are the keywords that you want to focus your campaign on? Do you need to refine an existing campaign or start a new one from scratch?

  • Personalize Your Ads

If you want to compete for your customers’ attention, personalization is a must! You need to ensure that your ads reach the right people. Think about Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Target Audiences for example. You can use those platforms to show your ads to a focused list of people. Google’s Customer Match works the same!

You can upload your list of leads and place targeted ads in front of them on YouTube, Gmail Sponsored, or on the search engine. You may also use Google Customer Match to upload and make Similar Audiences to reach people who have the same demographics and behavior because the ones from your existing audiences. 

  • Single Keywords Ad Group (SKAG)

Google AdWords became extraordinarily competitive and also the CPC is on a relentless rise. This is why low-quality keywords and bad clicks are simply inexcusable. Direct your campaign towards a single keyword ad group, to increase your CTR. 

Pairing your keywords into different ad groups guarantees that the keywords that you bid for equal the search term that you’ve paid for.

  • Target Bottom-of-the-Funnel Keywords

If your ads bring users to your landing page but you’re still not able to convert them, maybe you use top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) keywords to target prospects that are not quite ready to purchase, or they’re not at that stage of the buyer’s journey.

Leads that are not ready for conversion yet use general keywords in Google searches because they don’t know much about the product/service, or they’re not quite educated about it. Targeting bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) keywords can help you avoid undesirable leads at this stage.

Assessing BOFU keywords with an understanding of the niche terminology and phrases that are used in your industry. On those phrases, you need to attach bottom-of-the-funnel keywords that prompt people to the CTA, such as:

  • Branded terms
  • Competitor terms
  • Contact words like “contact”, “call us”
  • Location: City/state/region/zip code

These keywords need to be uploaded to your AdWords Keyword Tool and the next thing you need to do is to examine the keyword volume and the competitive nature of the keywords. Then, inspect the CPC of the keywords. A higher CPC describes you that you may have many competitors that bid for the same words.

Select your BOFU keywords based upon high search volume, low competition, and high CPC. This stage of the keyword research process requires thorough research, time, and testing.